Moving Labor Help FAQ
Are you moving and want to make sure you are choosing the right company to help you with your precious belongings?
Let us answer some of the gut wrenching questions that will put your mind at ease when choosing Southern Maryland Moving Labor!

Where can I find a portable storage container?

Below are some of the popular rental companies linked to their web page and phone numbers.

PODS  1-877-770-PODS (7637)

PACK-RAT  1-800-722-5728

Do You Accept Credit Cards?

Yes. We accept most credit cards and PayPal.

Do You Work on Weekends and/or Holidays?

Yes. We work weekends and most holidays. Our schedule fills up quickly during this time so it is best to call early to reserve the day you wish to move.

Is There a Minimum Amount of Hours or Fee?

Yes. All jobs have a two hour minimum. Time starts upon the crews arrival.

Does Your Service Price Include Packing Material?

No.  Packing Material is ordered separately and we will come out and inventory your belongings ahead of time to be sure the appropriate amount of supplies are ordered and ready for you on moving day.

Do You Help With Packing?

Absolutely! We will gladly send a crew to help pack your belongings. We can help pack the day of the move or schedule a time days in advance of your move date to get you ready to load your truck.

Do You Cover My Area?

We Cover the DC Metro, Northern Virginia, and Southern Maryland markets. See our Service Areas page or call us at 240-331-0899.

Are There Any Additional Fees?

NO! You pay a FLAT FEE for up to 2 hours, and if the job takes over 2 hours, you pay  per hour thereafter.  The only time you may have an extra charge is if you have a piano or item over 300 lbs.


Are You Licensed and Insured?

Yes. We are licensed and insured.

Will the movers require a customer’s assistance moving any items?

No. All of our movers are competent professionals and will not ever require the customers help to load or unload an item.
Can the customer assist the movers?

Yes, if the customer wants to assist the movers that is up to the customer but, it is not recommended. The customer will assume all liability for damage to an item including floors, walls, windows or any other item or surface that may become damaged while a customer or any other non-employee (such as friends, neighbors, family members) is assisting.

Should I tip the crew for their service?

Excellent service should be rewarded!  15 – 20% is customary. If you are paying with credit or debit it can be added to your total. Tipping is NOT mandatory, just appreciated.

I’m moving out of state.  Can you recommend someone for the unload?
We recommend Easy Moving Labor for any jobs we can’t handle ourselves.

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